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Welcome to Oliver Creek Farm

Discover simple, sustainable grown food at our Vancouver Island four-acre family farm. Come and purchase a fresh bouquet or a unique hand painted driftwood garden gnome!

Introduce wild foods and herbs into your diet!

Our upcoming blog will share unique recipes like how to make "Otvar" out of local wild berries.

Stop and buy a plant to add to your garden. Make your own steeped teas with our wild-harvested, Oliver Creek Farm grown herbs and flowers. We share with you our passion and tradition to use herbs and wild foods.

While in Lake Cowichan enjoy upcoming activities and workshops - book for painting your own driftwood garden gnome, making a tussie mussie, dyeing a bandana or garden apron with natural dyes!

For more than three generations our families have used wild foods and herbs as part of our regular diet. In spring we tap the birch and maple tree for birch or maple water. We love to eat the wild yellow violets, new spring oregon grape leaves, buds from the huckleberry bush, young green nettle tops, fiddleheads. minor's lettuce, watercress, young salmonberry shoots, morel mushrooms and wild berries.

young blond two year old child admiring a spring bouquet.


June 8 2021

"Visits to the Oliver Creek Farm are always a highlight for my daughters and I. Elyena and Liv are so welcoming; sharing plant knowledge and sharing roots and seeds to help us start our garden! Walking along the Oliver Creek trail and arriving at the farm is a real treat. We leave with our baskets and hearts filled. " Shanti

"I love the flowers! " Lila 6 years old

"I love when the peas are growing up the tipi!" Tulsi, 5 years old

June 22 2021

"I have been fortunate enough to have crossed paths with Elyena and her partner Greg this past Spring. We traded some plants and I was invited to stay on her beautiful land and learn through her dedicated work of intentional and regenerative land use. Highlights of my time spent at Oliver Creek Family Farm include learning about plant medicine; biodynamic garden practices; Earthing through barefoot walks in the garden and salmon spawning creek; connection and presence with my daughter, (who was in her element and true state of childlike wonder); the Borscht we gobbled up that was made with love amd care; having a safe place to unwind and heal after an intense time at the Fairy creek blockades; and meeting her awesome daughter and son and their children. I loved learning about nettles, salmonberries and companion gardening..I can’t say enough about this special place and the kindness, love, and acceptance we received.

In Gratitude and Love,

Candace And Aiyla

Grow Natural Kids

Port Alberni BC

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